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Bring the Magic Home: #MAGICSQUAD Shop Swap

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Hello And Coffee Bloggers!

It has been a hectic sumer and if you follow me on instagram you know why! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, what are you waiting for? @andcoffeeblog ) Back at the end of May some amazing Disney bloggers, instagrammers, vloggers and shops all got connected for a shop swap!
What’s a shop swap you ask?
It’s an event where different shops are assigned to work with different instagrammers and exchange items. Think like a secret santa, but less snow and more pixie dust.
The shops I got connected with were beyond amazing! They provided some incredible products for the Instagrammers and we were able to exchange the items IN DISNEYLAND! How magical is that?!?
From this event the #MAGICSQUAD was born. If you don’t know what #MAGICSQUAD is, check out my post here giving you some more insight!
Besides the #MAGICSQUAD there is also the #MAGICSQUAD SHOPS! These are the small shop owners who donated their time and products for our event, and man did they come through! Their products are not only amazing but oh so magical too! I have a lot of shops to talk about, so I’m breaking this blog post down into a Mini Series to talk about a few shops per post!
I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing products, so what are we waiting for?
Let’s jump in!



Jackie, from My.Mad.Tea.Party is first and foremost, probably one of my favorite people on planet earth.

She’s so warm, welcoming, and hilarious as all get out.

But beyond her being simply amazing she is the creative mind behind the PIXIE PASS!

The Pixie Pass is a sparkly glitter overlay for your Annual Pass (or really any card you want! Starbucks Gold Card anyone?)



She also makes other stickers including custom designs! Jackie also makes stickers for you to label whatever you want! From lunch boxes to your coffee tumbler. One of my personal favorites is “Work hard, Disney Harder.” Because, always disney obviously.

Jackie was gifting with Mia and gifted her a little lunch set with Mia’s name and Instagram handle on the box item. Seriously too cute.

So if I haven’t already convinced you about how great the Pixie Pass is, let me convince you more. They are…(are you ready?) Drum roll… $4. Yes. You read that right. $4. $4!!!

And Jackie will meet you in the park if you happen to be local and she’s at the park. Otherwise she sends instructions in her packaging for you to do it yourself.





The MarryMaking Mouse

I’ve shared about Sarah before in a post about Bringing the Magic Home, you can check it out here!

I explain her story and give details on her products.

To touch lightly on her shop and story, the shop owner Sarah, wanted to incorporate a little magic into her wedding that wasn’t cartoonish.

So after searching she realized all the elements she could use were too cartoonish for the sophisticated look she wanted.

So what did Sarah do? She made her own decorations and thus The MarryMaking Mouse was born!

She makes boutonnieres, embellishments, and other wedding accessories that bring that extra Disney magic to your big day.

That’s not all, she also makes adorable wands and hair clips as well!

But I also wanted to highlight Sarah’s ability to do custom orders.

For Tatiana she custom designed a hair clip of one of Tatiana’s favorite characters, Bianca from the Rescuers!

Tatiana was so thrilled and then she also got one Sarah’s classic Belle designs to go with it.


Charmed and Cozy Shop

Bee from Charmed and Cozy and I have become good friends through Instagram.

(Does anyone else’s life circulate around Instagram? Is that just me?)

Anyways Bee makes clay jewelry and coffee cozies by hand. For Raquel she made her a beautiful clay mickey necklace that was so bright it fight right in on Main Street!

All of Bee’s necklaces are made my hand, textured and very light!

When you look at the necklace you might assume there would be some weight to it but Bee has found a way to keep it nice and light!

Her cozies are also adorable, I have 3 cozies: Ariel, Rapunzel and Tinkerbelle.


I always get so many compliments on them too. Cozies, for those who have never seen these little angels, are hand made crochet coffee sleeves!

Been then cordinates the colors and little roses to represent different characters and Disney elements.

I helped design Ariel, Rapunzel, Tinkerbelle, and Kylo Ren with Bee and they all turned out DARLING!

Just look at Punzie and Ariel! Seriously? Too cute. And I always get compliments upon compliments whenever I use these sleeves.










#MAGICSQUAD Shop Swap still has more to come!

That’s right! This is only PART 1 for all the shops that I’ll be sharing about who donated their time, energy, and products to share with us and all of you!

I can not speak highly enough of these shops, their products, and the owners behind it.

What was your favorite item so far? Share in the comments below!

P.S. Don’t forget to tag us on instagram using the hashtag #MAGICSQUADFAM! We will be following that hashtag and that’s how we will be interacting and find you guys!

And remember, there’s always room for coffee. 



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Hello And Coffee Bloggers!

 In April my friend Sofia and I decided to host a very last minute meet up and it went surprisingly well! After this event we decided to do it again, but to bump it up with a shop swap! (More to come on that later!)

From these two meet ups with different Disney accounts I have found some of the best people in the Disney community, but also My Own Little Disney Community. And they are called…



 #MagicSquad is a group of people who all used to go to Disney on our own or only for special trips and occasions, and thanks to Instagram have become a family.

They are some of the kindest, most gentle, and loving people you will ever met. And if you don’t know them, please reach out because they are all wonderful. You can find all of them tagged in this post here.

#MAGICSQUAD has truly become a family to me, and answered so many desires and even prayers I’ve had in my life.

I’m not the only one, just listen…well read… to what some of the #MAGICSQUAD members have to say. 




Jen from @disney.jen

“What does Magic Squad mean to me? To me, this magic squad is a group of Disneyland Instagrammers who met in person at Disneyland and became friends. It’s amazing how close and supportive we have all become. We all jut clicked and got along so well from the start. We may not be able to all hang out as often as we’d like but we still hang out when we can, even in smaller groups.

To me, this Magic sQuad is a group of amazing people who enjoy Disneyland together and support each other.”

Denisse from @snw_wht89

“I remember when I first met Lauren, Jen, and Sofia. I couldn’t remember how I came across their instagram pages and then I realized something magical about that thought… it didn’t matter how I came across their pages. I was thankful I just did because what unfolded from that is what I would consider a wish upon a star. Magic squad is what dreams are made of folks, a group of people with different backgrounds that share the same passion for Disney.

A different understanding of what the parks bring, and whether it’s  been Disneyland, CA or Walt Disney World, or any Disney Park. The experiences we each have had are shared and what you get form that is growth to infinity and beyond. Take it from a kid that grew up with anxiety. Never did I ever imagine I’d be able to grow courage or confidence but I did. Being apart of a squad like this isn’t a clique. It’s an understanding group that takes on individuals who wish to share what most never understood, but now see it like a whole new world of endless possibilities. Remember, it all started with a mouse and for me I’m thankful the creation of Walt because how else can I say I met these wonderful people, they truly have a friend in me.”


Tatiana from @daydream_adventures

“Magic squad is not only a Disney community full of amazing human beings, but a family that supports one another. We share our love for all things Disney, have fun at the parks, and just enjoy the time we get to spend together. We each have something special to offer to the group, and we are all supportive of everyone’s dreams. If someone is feeling down, or stuck with a problem, we can go to anyone of the Magic Squad, and they will be there to help.

We are full of positivity and love. What Magic Squad means to me is something that is truly beyond words. I have been so lucky to have met many wonderful individuals who I can call friends and family. During my time at school when I was under immense stress and dealt with anxiety, I could reach out to them and they were there for me in spirit. We are the dark side and the light side, princesses and heroes, mermaids and adventures, and many other wonderful things. We may be different, but that just draws us together and makes the group more…magical.”

Erika from

“To me, the magic squad is family. Sometimes people don’t understand why I love Disney and Disneyland so much. It’s nice to have a group of people who I don’t need to explain myself to because they feel the exact same way. Honestly, that first night we all hung out, I was so happy I almost cried because I had finally found a group of people who accepted me for me, including my Disney side.

And everyone is so supportive and kind! When I went to the Philippines and got hired at universal, I got more well wishes from the Magic Squad than my actual family! I never have to worry about drama or someone betraying the group because you are all literally the nicest people I have ever met. And that’s saying a lot because I haven’t officially met like half of the group! The Magic squad is Disney Magic for me.”

Mia from @Miathemousekeeter

“To me magic squad is exactly what it says, it is a MAGICAL SQUAD! Together came a group of beautiful people who wanted to not only share the Disney magic but gain an awesome support system. The competitiveness of Instagram does not exclude the Disney Instagram community. So having a group of people who is always there to hype up your account, photos, and each other as people is so amazing. The magic squad means so much to me because I opened my account thinking I wouldn’t be able to make any friends. But now I have a whole family of brothers, sisters, and even lil nieces and nephews and I love them all so dearly!”


Silvano from @disneyland_photographer

“The Magic Squad to me means more than just a group of people who hang out at Disney. From all the disney squads I have been apart of this one is the most sincere and magical one! It’s not just a hangout group!! Lauren makes sure to include everybody and also shops  She always has the best ideas just like her most recent project that is launching soon, #DEALWITHIT Which is an Act of Kindness movement. I’m honored to be apart of this journey and see new people come in and join the group!”


Ok give me a moment as I stop sobbing because seriously, how amazing are these people?


Another truly incredible part about Magic Squad is that we are incredibly wide in age. We have our #MiniMagicSquad that includes littles as young as 2-3 and we go all the way up to us grown ups! Let me tell you from personal experience, going to Disneyland with littles is seriously one of the best things ever!

(Mainly because I can go on all the little rides over and over and over again with no judgement, but hey that’s just me.)


Magic Squad has already taken off more than I ever anticipated and I am blown away. Beyond what we’ve already accomplished we are all working diligently on special projects to bring you even more Disney Magic and laughs! (Oh the laughs we want to bring you! Just wait!) We have so many plans to bring YOU more magic into your daily life.


We want those in the group to feel that they have a family, but to be a family. Beyond that I personally want to bring Disney Magic to people who don’t have easy access. When I was living in the Midwest hundreds of miles away from any Disney anything was torturous.



I know the agony it can sometimes bring. So I want to take that pain away as best I can! I want to bring magic into your home, to your screen, to your life so that it feels just a little bit closer. I know how much it would mean to me, and I want to do that for you.


Magic Squad has a lot in the works, and we are ready to take the Disney community by storm with all the




we want bring and share with you.


There you have it. #MAGICSQUAD explained from those that are in it. And how important it is to everyone. And you can be apart of it to! Use the hashtag #magicsquadfam for us to find your posts!

After all we are apart this magical community.

And remember, there’s always room for coffee. 



BRING THE MAGIC HOME: Wear the Magic with The MaryMaking Mouse

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Hey And Coffee Fam!
I wanted to share a little shop that I found on Instagram that I absolutely adore.
The MaryMaking Mouse, ran by a new but great friend, sara, is an Etsy shop that makes Mickey embellishments from hair clips to wedding decor! 
You can find her shop here, The MaryMaking Mouse on Etsy
I asked Sara to share a little bit more about her shop and how it came about, and man her story is just so fun!

Hi I’m Sara!

A lover of all things Disney. When planning for my own wedding, I wanted to incorporate my love of Disney into my big day. However, the only decorations I could find were too cartoonish for the sophisticated style I was going for.

So, I created the Marrymaking Mouse to give Disney Brides the chance to add subtle, classy touches of the Mouse to their special day!

All of my handmade pieces allow you to add a hint of Disney to your bridal bouquets, centerpieces, or floral arrangements.

I especially enjoy making Mickey Boutonnières and Corsages that can match your theme and colors.

This year I have expanded and love making Mickey hair clips that match Disney bound outfits!

I love creating new designs to represent the special characters and attractions that we all know and love.

All custom orders are welcome! 

How did I come up with my shop name?

The word merrymaking means the act of celebrating and having an enjoyable time with others.

I changed the spelling of merry to marry for a fun play on words that would represent the pieces that I make for weddings! 

An event that definitely allows people to celebrate! 

I was given a couple hair clips,  one black and one purple, and they are just absolutely adorable.

The clips that she uses are very secure, I’m talking I worked 8 hour shifts and that clip was STILL in place by the time I got home. (Can we talk about how amazing that is?)

Here is how The MaryMaking Mouse describes the hair clips…

“Disney kids big and small can show their love of the mouse with these Mickey inspired hair clips.
This Minnie features a black and white polka dot bow and can be made in any of the available felt colors….

These mouse accessories are handmade with love and felt. The hair clip is a toothed alligator clip…

Each piece is handcrafted especially for you and may vary slightly in size.”

-Condensed from The Mary Making Mouse Hair Clip Description

Beyond hair clips The MaryMaking Mouse also makes embellishments for weddings and really anything else you can think of.

Jar decor, boutonnières, princess wands, center pieces, and corsages.

Including custom variations to fit your needs be it for your wedding, prom or just for you!

Go check out her Instagram feed at @themarymakingmouse and her Etsy Shop at The MaryMaking Mouse
That’s one of my favorite small shops, what about you? What are some of your favorite Disney inspired small shops? Or do YOU have a Disney inspired small shop?
Share in the comments below!
And remember… there’s always room for coffee.

Magic and Me: Liz’s Story

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Hey And Coffee Fam!

As you know, or hopefully know, recently I have transitioned my blog to being a Disney Lifestyle blog!

This includes sharing not only my love for disney, in my “Bring the Magic Home” series, but others as well!

As apart of this series I am including a section called, “Magic and Me.”

This is all about the impact that Disney has had on both my life and others.

To kick off this section, I’m so honored and excited to have LIZ from Fresh Baked n Stuff share her story of “Magic and Me.”

Take it away Liz!

Hello there,
my name is Elizabeth Bentley and some of you might know me from being involved with the YouTube Channel Fresh Baked and StufF!

Photo courtesy of Liz’s Instagram @callmetink88  

To be honest, there was a time in my life where I didn’t go to Disneyland at all
nor didn’t watch as much of Disney and so on.



I grew up with Disneyland however; my family and I would do holiday trips all the time and stay at the hotels.

Then, my beautiful mother got sick and we stopped going, I would go time to time, but not the way I used to.


Photo courtesy of Liz’s Instagram @callmetink88  

My mother passed away about two years ago now
and during the time she was going through hospice, my sister and I needed something to lift our spirits.

We came across Fresh Baked and Stuff and I realized that I was missing something in my life again, and it was Disneyland.


through pure peace,


and understanding,

I am now an Annual Pass Holder

with the man of my dreams who we met and fell in love at the Happiest Place on Earth,

and funny enough he is the creator of the show that got me through my mom’s death.


Photo courtesy of Liz’s Instagram @callmetink88  

Disneyland is home to me.



I’ve been through a lot over the years, but once I step onto that land I feel better and safe and helps get through life.

Walt Disney is a good connection to me personally because he reminds me to have faith and not to give up.
I am a believer of God and I know my mom is in paradise and in a sense Disneyland is a piece of heaven from the people we love. 

I don’t know about you, but I can barely read through her last line with out a tear finding its way down my cheek.

This to me is so much of what Disney is all about.

It’s about finding joy

finding love

and finding those most important in your life even during the hardest of times. 

I have to thank Liz again for sharing her touching story, and can’t wait to see all the Fresh Baked will continue to share with us. 

What about you? How has Disney gotten you through different season in your life? I would love to know! 

Share in the comments below!

And remember…there’s always room for coffee,


Essentially JOILful Doterra Oils

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Hello And Coffee Fam!

It’s time for another quick favorite that I just have to share. I am very new to the world of oils and I am by no means an oil expert. At all.

I just use what I like, which tends to be peppermint and lavender.

(What can I say? I’m a creature of habit!) And that’s it.

I’m not a die hard oil fan for any particular brand although I have used both Young Living and Doterra along with lesser known brands.

I’ve yet to have a bad experience with oils as they always do what they promise.

Whether that be to change the atmosphere to be more relaxing, cleanse the air, or even just make me feel better they have always done it!

Photo curtousey of Ashley from @essentially_joilful

In this post I wanted to specifically share about Doterra Oils from a friend of mine, Ashley from Essentially JOILful.

She’s a sweet heart momma who has been selling oils for a while and doing a killer job. (Isn’t her little family too cute? Just love this photo of them from her page! Adorable!)

 She’s all about healthy living and encouraging everyone around her to do the same. Ashley sent me Deep Blue to bring with me on my Disney trips and let me tell you, it was amazing!!

I used it constantly and so did my friends.

They all were so relieved that I had something to keep them calm, relaxed, and refreshed when the days continued to get longer and longer.

I’ve used Deep Blue for good old stress relief by simply rubbing it in my palms and smelling it.

Or placing just a little bit around my neck or nose so I can get a constant smell of it.

I would also rub it on my legs when they would start to get sore which really helped keep me fresh and going all day long!

I was amazing how much better I felt using Deep Blue.

Truly, I was blown away.

The combination of wintergreen which brings on a cooling aspect to relieve sore muscles.

It also has Ylang Ylang which is an aromatherapy to lessens the tension and stress and can help promote a positive outlook.

Interested in trying out Doterra Oils? Let Ashley know by going to her Instagram @essentially_joilful and checking out some of her current promotions! Like this one for Deep Blue! These are free with any purchase over $200!

Talk to Ashley for more details and restrictions.

If you’re a disney goer like myself, have long work days, or just sometimes get a little sore…deep blue is something you desperately need in your life. Take it from me, it will transform your days!

What are your favorite oils? Do you use oils at all?

Share in the comments below! I would love to know what you use and why!

And remember…there’s always room for coffee!


BRING THE MAGIC HOME: Favorite Vloggers

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Hey And Coffee Fam!
Today I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorite Disneyland and Disney World vloggers and why they are just so wonderful!
First, for those who haven’t heard a vlogger is essentially a Video Blogger. They share their stories, ideas, and projects through videos rather than on a written platform like a blog. Vlogging is most popular on Youtube but you can also Vlog on several other platforms like Snapchat
(That’s what Chester from @chazzymcgeek does! You can follow his adventures, including our Disney trip recap, on Snapchat by searching @Chazzymcgeek and on Instagram by clicking here)
For this particular post I’m focusing solely on Youtube vloggers that I’ve just loved.
So here goes!






(formely Fresh Baked Disney)

How can you talk Disney vloggers and NOT talk Fresh Baked? Fresh Baked was started several years ago by David and his family as just a way to document their love and experience of Disney. And from there it just exploded! To now they post videos (yes plural) every day of their Disney adventures!

                   Photo curtesy of Fresh Baked n’ Stuff Instagram @freshbakednstuffCREATE SPACE

The group which now includes founder and host- David. Sarah -David’s former co-worker and now partner in “Disney crime” if you will. Sarah doubles as their social media manager, including their Instagram- @freshbakednstuff. There’s Ian, who in my opinion, is their resident “knows everything” because Ian knows everything. Literally all the things…Ian probably knows it. And of course Liz, who is David’s girlfriend but is seriously the sweetest person ever! She’s so fun and always cracks me up! Especially when her and Sarah start laughing about something, it’s just the best! There’s a lot more friends from Fresh Baked that make appearances here and there like Ethan and Mike!

Photo of David curtesy of Fresh Baked n’ Stuff Instagram @freshbakednstuff


What’s cool about Fresh Baked is they are all local to Disney and go every. single. Saturday. That’s right! They tend to be there early in the day until early afternoon. David will often go on Friday night and sometimes Sunday with Ian. But on Saturday, they will all tend to be there. Because they go so frequently they always have a different perspective and take things just a little bit slower, enjoying every little smell, every little detail, and every little bit of magic there is to enjoy!

Photo of Sarah curtesy of Fresh Baked n’ Stuff Instagram @freshbakednstuff

If you haven’t checked out their videos you can do that right now by going here FRESH BAKED N STUFF





See Ya Reel Soon was a youtube vlogging channel started by adorable husband and wife team Joe and Ashley. They vlogged their trips to Walt Disney World and all the tips and tricks they learned while out and about, and of course having an amazing time! I say “was” because currently they are taking a break from vlogging and enjoying being first time mommy and daddy to their little one. But they have FOUR YEARS worth of videos to go through!

Photo curtesy of See Ya Real Soon Instagram @seeyareelsoon

No worries that you’ll run out of Walt Disney fun, as they tend to do longer videos which makes for all the more magic. When they were still posting videos every wednesday it was seriously my go to “show!” I loved watching their most current episode and going back and watching old videos. Joe and Ashley are all around adorable and killer at puns! (Just watch their videos when they go to Epcot and do the Living with Land ride! Seriously best puns ever!)

Photo curtesy of See Ya Real Soon Instagram @seeyareelsoon

They did recently share on their Instagram, SeeYaReelSoon that they’ll be doing a little family update in a month or so.

One thing in particular that I loved about their videos is they explained in detail everything they were doing and why they were doing it.

Be it a cost saver to trying something new, they made watching their videos feel like I was with them.

Photo curtesy of See Ya Real Soon Instagram @seeyareelsoon

If you haven’t checked out their videos you can do that right now by going here SEE YA REEL SOON




Photo curtesy of Jolly Hollanday Instagram @jollyhollanday

Michael and Hannah are new to the Disney vlogging game but are absolutely KILLING it! They are so sweet and genuine, but also hilarious. They share not only their trip videos but make song videos and covers of Disney songs, they talk through different experiences from resorts to stay at and new experiences to try out. They kicked off their YouTube channel strong with some previous trip videos and a trip to Flower and Garden at Epcot shortly after launch that made me crave all the food from everywhere. (Watch at your own risk!) Of course they also did a haul video with ALL the coffee mugs!

Photo curtesy of Jolly Hollanday Instagram @jollyhollanday

Both Mike and Hannah are so sweet, funny, and very grounded. They are doing a few things I haven’t seen before that I’m really liking including discussing in depth different areas of Walt Disney World. From restuarants to resorts they take time to go over their entire experience, give tips and tricks, and laugh about the fun they had visiting Disney World. I know other people do reviews but they do theirs in a little bit different way that I just adore. One other thing that they do that I love is getting YOU (their follower and audience) involved. They ask a question every week typically on Instagram, JollyHollandy and on fridays post a video reading through all the answers that YOU submitted. (Which by the way includes tagging you! Which I think is really cool!)

Photo curtesy of Jolly Hollanday Instagram @jollyhollanday

If you haven’t checked out their videos you can do that right now by going here JOLLY HOLLANDAY







For me, those are my top 3 Disney vloggers! If you noticed, only one was Disneyland, the rest were Disney World.
 Which is awesome, but I would love to connect with more Disneyland vloggers!
What are some of your favorite Disney vloggers?
For Disneyland in California? Or Disney World in Florida?
Or even Paris and Tokyo?
Who do you love to follow?
Share in the comments below! 
And remember, there’s always room for coffee. 

Bring the Magic Home Introduction

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Hey And Coffee Fam!

As you know you I’m transitioning into being a Disney blog! This means all the magic just for you!! I am beyond excited for this and can’t wait to share with you all the awesome small shops, recipes, and even my Disney adventures. Like any experienced Disney goer knows, even when you go all the time you still miss the magic once you’re home.

Especially when you don’t live near the magic.

It’s hard to create the unique Disney feel when you’re an hour, several hours, or a flight away from the closet park! And that is the exact reason I’m starting an on going series titled,


Photo Curtesy of Stephanie from @theunknown.414 

Bring the Magic Home is going to focus on little things you can do daily either for yourself or your family to sprinkle a little extra magic on your day. I remember what it was like living vicariously through Fresh Baked Disney and See You Reel Soon on youtube! They made Disney seem not so far away anymore! (Especially when I was living in Iowa and everything was far!)

Now being close, well if you consider 6 hours close, I understand the all too real struggle of being away from Disney and I want bring some of that magic back to you guys just like Fresh Baked and See You Reel Soon did for me. I want to share not only my adventures but also things for you to do at home to bring the magic back with you!

I’m going to have different series like, “Cooking with Magic” where I find different Disney inspired or copycat recipes to try at home. (Or to know NOT to try!)

I’ll also have “Wear the Magic” where I share some of my favorite small shops and just all around Disney inspired clothing and merch that I’ve been able to find!

Of course I’ll also be covering good things and souvenirs to buy from the Parks or even online in, “Buy the Magic” from the Disney company that are just too good to pass up and you can bring home! (Um like Mickey’s Real Swell Dinner Coffee?? It was delicious!) 

Photo Curtesy of Stephanie from @theunknown.414 

I already have several shops in mind that I’ve been able to work with and get to know. All these shops are absolute gems! They’re all so kind and talented. I can’t wait to share my experiences with them, let along all their amazing products! Next time you’re looking for a way to add little extra magic, come check out my blog!

And remember…there’s always room for coffee.



Disney + Coffee

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Hey And Coffee Fam!

Recently as I’ve gone to Disney more often I realized how important the Walt Disney Company is to me personally and how much it has affected my life. And I began to wonder…

What if Walt never pursued his dreams?

What if he never left Missouri?

Or left his first animation job to start the Walt Disney company?

It made me realize how much Disney has touched my life on a deeper level. Yes the movies are fantastic! The music is incomparable! The parks are amazing! And the food…oh don’t get me started! I could go on and on about the food!

But at the end of the day, for me, it’s this lesson of love that continuously comes through.

Love, be it romantic can give you hope like in Cinderella.

Love, be it in one’s family gives you purpose like in Lilo and Stitch.

Love, be it in one’s friends brings you together like in Toy Story.

And love, no matter how hard it can be to find and hold on to, can help you find who you truly are, like in Pinocchio.

When I hear “Love conquers everything” I personally don’t just picture the mushy love that we see in movies or even the silly the love we have among friends. I see the love that is built on a bond of trust, a bond of respect and devotion to those who are in your life. I realized so many of my life’s lessons parallel that of Disney movies in one way or another. To think had Walt not had the courage to say, “I’m going to do it!” means none of these lessons would be shared, and no laughs would be had with these characters that have become apart of all of us. It’s almost devastating to think that none of things that have become apart of our culture would never have existed!

So I’m taking a note from Walt and transitioning my blog to a more Disney focused blog.  

Photo Cred: @Chazzymcgeek (Follow his Snapchat Vlogs search Username @Chazzymcgeek)

Tee: Secondstarco 


My blog will still be all about the things it has in the past from coffee to Jesus, but it will be more focused on my Disney adventures than I had originally anticipated.

Which is very exciting because it means I get to be doing more Disney related things!

I’m working on mini series that include everything from what to do at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure, to trying Disney recipes at home, and even what shops to try to get a little extra magic sprinkled on your day.

I’m so excited to see what will come with this because I’ve already made connections with some amazing people in the Disney community from all over the world! I’m so excited for all that is in sore from what I already have planned to the things that I have no idea will be happening! This is going to be amazing and so much fun, please join me on my new adventure!

And remember…there’s always room for coffee.


DISNEY 101 in 1001

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I recently was reading my friend, Caitlin’s blog Lemonade Press, and she is challenging herself to do 101 Things in 1001 days after she saw a similar challenge on Design Darling’s blog. Well now I’m jumping in but with Disney themed challenges! Below is my list of 101 Disney Things I want to do in 1001 Days! This post will continuously be updated!

I asked a number of different Disneyland and Disney World bloggers, instagrammers, and vloggers what their favorite things to do at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim. They gave me so many great ideas to get me started. I also asked Chester from ChazzyMcgeek (You can check out his Disney vlogs on his Snapchat! Search username @chazzymcgeek.) to come up with some specifics for us to do in March 2017 when I kick off my 1001 Days! With Chester’s list I’ll have to update after I go because I asked him to keep his list secret that way it would be somewhat of a surprise for me to try all new things at Disney!

Start Date March 6, 2017 ending on December 2, 2019!
Here is my 101 List in 1001 Days!

1. See Paint the Night from Start to Finish in a great seat!

2. Try all the signature foods from Cozy Cones.

3. Attend Dapper Day

April 23, 2017

4. Try all the various CHURRO options

Original Churro

Golden Churro

5. Take 50 Different #wallsofdisney Photos

Blue Wall

Mosaic Wall

Toy Story Wall

6. Take 20 Photos with Different Characters



Snow White


Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

7. Find the Country Bears in the Winnie the Pooh Ride

DONE! March 16, 2017!

8. Find Mozzerella Sticks (not a menu item!)

9. Try to get an Honorary Citizen button

10. Try Lobster Nachos at the Cove Bar

DONE! April 28, 2017!

11. Try the cotton candy drink at the Cove Bar

DONE! April 28, 2017!

12. Snag Fastpasses for World of Color

DONE! March 8, 2017!

13. Ride Thunder Mountain at Night

DONE! March 6, 2017!

14. Ride California Screamin at Night

15. Eat at the Blue Bayou

16. Try all the Tiki Room Menu Items

17. Come to Disney at Rope Drop

18. Finish the night with a Sundae on Main Street

19. Watch the fireworks show in front of the castle

20. Visit Mickey’s House

DONE! April 28, 2017!

21. Visit Minnie’s House

22. Take “Walk in Walt’s Footsteps” tour

23. Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Night

24. Eat at Ralph’s Jazz Kitchen

25. Buy a balloon on Main Street

26. Meet Bert and Marry and take a stroll

27. Make a wish in the Wishing Well

28. Meet all 8 the Fairies in Pixie Hallow

29. Get sprinkled in Pixie Dust

30. Take a funny and posed picture on Splash Mountain

DONE! March 6, 2017!

31. Ride the Monorail

Done! March 7, 2017!

32. Meet the Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.)

Minnie! March 8, 2017

33. Eat the fried chicken from Carnation Cafe

34. Have a Mint Julep

Done! March 11, 2017!

35. Ride the Tea Cups at Night

36. Ride in the caboose of Casey Jr.

Done! March 6, 2017!

37. Ride all of the Main Street vehicles

Omnibus March 7, 2017

38. Try to pull the sword out of the stone

39. Sit on Walt’s bench

40. Send a postcard from inside the park

41. Collect 5 Disney Pressed Pennies

42. Learn to draw at the animation academy

43. Have my name embroidered on a Disney hat

44. Go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

45. Meet all 11 Disney Princess and get a picture with them

Snow White



Elena of Avalor

50. Take a dancing dip photo on Main Street

51. See a sneak preview at the theater in Hollywood Square

Done! March 7, 2017!

52. Ride both the Jungle Cruise and Jingle Cruise

53. Ride Haunted Mansion and the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion

Rode Haunted Mansion March 6, 2017

54. Try a Red Velvet Cake Pop

Done! March 11, 2017!

55. Have Mickey Waffles

56. Have a Disney Corn Dog

Done! March 8, 2017!

57. Go on ALL 84 Attractions available at DLR and DCA (24/84)

Big Thunder Mountain 3/6/17

Buzz Lightyear Astroblaster 3/6/17

California Screamin 3/8/17

Casey Jr. Train 3/6/17

Disneyland Monorail 3/7/17

Golden Zephyr 3/8/17

Goofy’s Skyschool 3/8/17

Haunted Mansion 3/6/17

Hyperspace Mountain 3/7/17

Indiana Jones 3/8/17

It’s a Small World 3/8/17

The Little Mermaid 3/7/17

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters 3/8/17

Mad Tea Party 3/7/17

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 3/6/17

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride 3/6/17

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey 3/6/17

Radiator Springs Racers 3/7/17

Silly Symphony Swings 3/7/17

Sleeping Beauty Walk Through 3/6/17

Soarin Around the World 3/7/17

Sorcerer’s Workshop 3/7/17

Splash Mountain 3/6/17

Star Tours 3/7/17

King Arthur’s Carrousel 4/23/17

Pirates of the Caribbean 4/23/17

Snow White’s Scary Adventures 4/23/17

Monster’s Inc Mike and Sully to the Rescue! 4/28/17

Gadget Go Coaster 4/28/17

58. Have breakfast at Flo’s V8 Cafe

59. Try all of the Secret Menu Items

60. Try a Matterhorn Macaroon

61. See a show at the Fantasy Faire Theater

DONE! Tangled 4/23/17

62. Watch Rapunzel’s Tower light up

63. Watch the Castle Light Up

64. Sit in the front for Mickey and the Magical Map

65. Have a garlic twist from Maurice’s Treats

66. Take a photo with Walt on Buena Vista Street

67. Have a photo with Officer Blue

68. See Frozen at the Hyperunion

70. Buy an AP Limited time Souvenir

71. Eat at Trader Sam’s

72. Participate in a Run Disney Event

73. Take an empty Main Street Photo

74. Try the grey stuff at Red Rose Tavern

DONE! April 23, 2017

75. Try a limited time dessert connected to a ride! (I.E. Golden Churros for Pirates!)

DONE! Golden Churros and Golden Beignets AND Jolly Roger Punch! 

76. Attend Food and Wine Festival

78. Sing with a princess

79. Have Peter teach me something new

80. Purchase an AP only clothing item

81. Attend one special holiday event (New Years, Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.)

82. Stay at a Disney Resort Hotel

83. Leave a note in the market place box

84. Buy a Candy Cane at Christmas

85. Meet Kylo Ren and get him to use the force on me

86. Buy my own custom light saber
















And remember…there’s always room for coffee.






























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Hello And Coffee Fam!

Here we are! Ending the Slow Burn series. I still can’t believe how many amazing women shared their stories and their insights through out this series. I’m so blessed to have gotten to know them and be able to call them friend. Below are links to all the posts and the authors behind them.


Lauren from And Coffee Blog

Looking in Myself Part 1

Looking in Myself Part 2


Anye-Ke from A Wife on Fire

Looking in My Family Part 1

Rae from Mama Raerae

Looking in My Family Part 2


Carola from My Dear Yellow World

Looking in My Friends Part 1

Erin from Live Life Inspired

Looking in My Friends Part 2


Steph from The Unknown Journey

Looking into Nothing Part 1

Lauren from And Coffee Blog

Looking into Nothing Part 2


Sarah from Kingdom Calling Blog

Looking Outward Part 1

Anye-Ke from A Wife on Fire

Looking Outward Part 2

As I close out this series I wanted to encourage you of a few things as almost a recap of the weeks we went through together.

During this series we took time to look at five major areas in our lives in order to start surrounding ourselves with a community. The importance of a community is not only good for our social lives but it’s biblical.

How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!

Psalms 133:1

We took time to looking at ourselves and shortcomings, even when it’s uncomfortable. We walked through the first steps we can take to start improving ourselves. We looked with in our families specificall at our marriages (or future marriage!) and children (or future children!) We talked about preparing and equipping our marriages and children in order to leave a legacy.

We looked at our friends and how to grow it from surface friends into a sisterhood that allows us to step outside our comfort zone and grow. How our friends can help us to do things we don’t normally do, how they can challenge us, and encourage us when we need it most.

Then we took time to address what we do when we lose all those things. Sometimes by circumstance of jobs and school moving us around. Other times by not so simple circumstances that create an emotional drain and hurt with in us. We shared how we can grow beyond the hurt and take time to sit in silence for God to speak.

Lastly, we took a new look at community. We remembered what it is truly about: people with something in common coming together. We talked about the importance of prayer and equipping people so that we can encourage their growth and in turn, receive God’s blessing.

And now here we are at the conclusion.

And I say to you, take time today and ask God how He wants you to step out. Maybe He wants you to step out in faith and start a blog ministry? Or a small group at church? Maybe He’s challenging you to go back and Look Inward once more so He can show you something new. Maybe He wants you to look at your family or friends. Or just at Him, and allow Him to bring you healing and freedom. Whatever it may be, I pray you listen and follow through.

And please, please, please feel free to email me or any other of the bloggers for prayer requests and encouragement! We love praying with and for you! And we would love to connect!

We are continuing to pray for you, whether you’re reading this in 2017 or 2027!

Take heart friends!

This process can be slow and take time, but that slow burn of growth is just a blessing waiting to be poured out.

And remember…there’s always room for coffee!